3rd International Seminar on Chemical Education

Yogyakarta, 17 September 2019

Dear Researchers,

Industry 4.0 is an era where artificial intelligence has penetrated most of the sector’s aspects of life. The characteristics of industrial revolution 4.0 include big data, internet of things, clound computing, robotics, nanotech, and cognitive computing. This causes the growth of cyber cyber systems in a modern way. Many human resources have been replaced by computer systems or robots. Only human resources are adaptive and have skills that are still used by industry.

Industrial development is so rapidly demanding that the education sector moves quickly to respond to industrial needs. Adaptive human resources and being able to find innovations according to industry needs are a necessity, which must be sought by the education sector. Universities are naturally able to support the preparation of adaptive human resources, as a reference for innovation, and able to respond quickly to the development of science and technology. Kemenristekdikti encourages efforts to increase national competitiveness by issuing several policies, including: 1) innovative learning systems by integrating information technology, operational technology, internet of things, big data analytics 2) reconstruction of higher education institutional policies, 3) responsive lecturer preparation, adaptive, reliable, 4) breakthrough research, 5) strengthening innovation systems to improve industrial productivity and technology-based startups.

Chemistry as part of science is one of the important sectors to contribute more to industrial development. The government has set five sectors that will be pioneers in implementing 4.0 industry in Indonesia, namely the chemical, textile, automotive, electronics, food and beverage industries. Strategic efforts are needed to improve the quality of learning chemistry both at the college and school level. The hope is that with quality chemistry learning, graduates can be adaptive, in accordance with the needs of industry 4.0.

Chemical Education Study Program UII held ISCE as an effort to respond to industry needs 4.0. The hope through this international conference will be a venue for scientific meetings of researchers, academics and stakeholders to discuss chemical learning strategies in the industrial era 4.0

After success in the 1st and 2nd international seminar on chemical education 2017. This year we will hold an the 3rd international seminar on chemical education 2019 (3rd ISCE 2019) with focus on Trends, Applications, Changes in  Chemical Education For the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

Our goal is to provide excellent means for researchers and practitioners, to exchange emerging ideas and investigate key issues about:

  • Chemistry education curriculum and policy
  • Teacher learning and education (in-service and pre-service teachers)
  • Environmental and social issues in chemistry
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Skill oriented learning in 21st century
  • Instructional learning in 21st century
  • Classroom action research in sciences
  • Environmental chemistry and its aspects
  • Renewable and sustainable energy
  • Materials and advance materials
  • Green chemistry
  • Chemical engineering
  • Chemical process

The 3rd ISCE 2019 will be held on september 17, 2019 in Yogyakarta, indonesia. For that we invite you to participate in the seminar to share ideas. More information can be accessed on this website.